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Apr 04 2011

Milwaukee / NARI Home Improvement Council Honors Three "Employees of the Year"

MILWAUKEE, WI – The Milwaukee Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the area's leading home improvement and remodeling industry resource for more than 49 years, honored three member company staff people as "Employees of the Year" at the association’s monthly membership meeting on Tues., March 15.

The Awards recognized three employees of Milwaukee/NARI member companies who not only perform admirably, but also go above and beyond their job description day after day. The three winners were (with content from their nominations provided) as follows:

Employees of the Year 2011

Anna Baird-Luedke, Marketing Manager with Coello & Associates, Inc., Waukesha, Wis.:
With the company for six years, Baird-Luedke was recognized for "her unrelenting effort to make a bland product – concrete construction – exciting and interesting. She has kept up with current marketing trends and led the company into social media. It is her insistence to do it right that allows us to stay fresh and continue to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Not only is she great in her position, but she also helps elevate everyone else on our staff."

Joseph Kazmierczak, Project Manager with Burback Builders, LLC, Muskego, Wis.:
An employee for eight years, "Joe started working for our company in 2003 as an hourly employee doing labor and clean up. His thirst for knowledge in the construction industry was apparent and his dedication to our company was evident. Joe's attention to detail and excellent customer service skills was something that we needed to capitalize on, and in 2006, we put him in charge of quality control and punch list completion/sign off. Joe's calm and knowledgeable demeanor with clients is an excellent combination that results in extremely satisfied customers. In 2010, we decided to take Joe to the next level and promoted him to project manager. Joe continues to receive accolades at the completion of projects from our clients, trade partners, and suppliers. We are extremely fortunate to have an employee with Joe's work ethic and dedication."

Maggie Uravich, Office Manager for Brillo Home Improvements, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.:
With the company for five years, Uravich was presented as an efficient office manager that provides a strong foundation for the company. During her time with the company, "she has saved Brillo thousands of dollars utilizing her budgeting and forecasting skills, created and executed an effective marketing plan, streamlined in–house bookkeeping and financial reporting, and implemented a variety of policies and procedures. Maggie’s passion for the company is never compromised, as she is always looking for ways to make Brillo the best it can be."

"We thank the 2011 Employee of the Year winners for their commitment to the home improvement and remodeling industry, and recognize them for their superior efforts on behalf of their companies," said Diane Ausavich, CR, Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council president. "As is the case each year, selecting the three award winners from the nominees is difficult, but those who reviewed the entries believed Anna, Joseph, and Maggie had unique qualifications that separated them for the other nominees. Because of employees like the 2011 honorees, plus the other outstanding employees that were nominated, Milwaukee/NARI and its member companies are able to continue to provide area homeowners assurances of quality work when it comes to home improvement and remodeling."

The Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council was chartered in July 1961, as a Chapter of the National Home Improvement Council. In May of 1982, the National Home Improvement Council merged with the National Remodelers Association to form NARI – the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. With over 800 members, the Milwaukee Chapter is the largest in the nation.

The Council’s goals of encouraging ethical conduct, sound business practices, and professionalism in the remodeling industry have led to the growth of the remodeling industry nationwide and made NARI a recognized authority in that industry.

For more information on the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council or to receive a free copy of the annual membership roster listing all members alphabetically and by category, and the booklet "Milwaukee/NARI's Remodeling Guide", call (414) 771-4071 or visit the Council's Web site at