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Mar 06 2015

Growing Up Brillo

Growing Up Brillo by
Michael J. Bovee

As the son of one of the three owners, I have a unique perspective on Brillo and what it means to me. For as long as I can remember being excited about home remodeling and construction has been a part of my life. As young kids, my dad had a log in the basement with a can full of roofing nails and a hammer for my brother and I to pound nails. We were driven to baseball and soccer practice in the front seat of a Brillo van. Boy scout projects included things like building our own bird houses. I always felt like I had an unfair advantage in the pine wood derby car races because my dad had cool power tools.

In school I enjoyed shop classes and activities where i got to use my hands and creativity. One summer, the owner's kids were commissioned to paint a load of cedar siding. In high school summer work got steadier at Brillo, and the work load got a bit heavier. We would dig holes for deck and porch footings, or break up old concrete patios.

When I went to college for a couple of years, life didn't feel quite right.  I did, however, always feel at home when I was away from school working for Brillo. It made more sense to get paid for work and learn things that directly affected my career.

Over a decade later, I feel perfectly comfortable taking on any task in any house. The lessons learned from the three owners and Lead Carpenters in the past have shaped my life and the future of Brillo. 

The above picture of me was taken during the new construction of a house.  I was about 9 years old.